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Stella Palmer

Stella is a 2D animator who lives and works on Tharawal land (South Sydney). Graduating last year from UNSW Art & Design with a BA and BFA majoring in Animation and Interactive Media, Stella’s practice has been focused on exploring the intersection of mixed reality technologies and art. In the last year, Stella has exhibited four Augmented Reality (AR) works using various tools including Unity, Artivive and Jerome Etienne’s ar.js framework. This exploration of the medium of AR has not only allowed her to explore the blending of traditional mediums with mixed reality technology- including blending traditional hand drawn cell animation, 3D modelling and (basic) html coding- but has provoked theoretical exploration into the ethics of app building, the future of ‘vision’ and AR and the often overlooked forces of technological development. 

2019 - September - Becoming with | AD Space x Tributary Projects Gallery Swap

2019 - June - ‘Parasitic Structures’, Down Under Space, Fredas, Sydney

2019 - March - ‘Erotic Engines’, UNSW Art & Design, AD Space, Paddington 

2018 - November - ‘We are Interactive’, UNSW Art & Design, Black Box, Paddington 

2017 - September - ‘SHARE’, UNSW Art & Design, Black Box, Paddington 


2019 - March - ‘Erotic Engines’, UNSW Art & Design, AD Space, Paddington

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