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Joan Shin

DiKTECTION is the erotic gimmick of emerging smart innovations and AI. As you enter, you unknowingly partake in a public sorting program where you are live-streamed and tagged by your darkest sexual desires.


Fascinated by the pervasion of surveillance tech, DiKTECTION was born to be at the epitome of porn-led technological determinism by rewiring machine learning detection libraries. Functioning as a live pseudo, sex detection algorithm, it singles out each object and person, sorting them by popular porn tags and publicising their private sexual desires. By pushing surveillance to the absurd, DiKTECTION renders satirical conversations about exploitative data harvesting and unnecessary governance programs, opening discourse on spatial hegemony and the invasion of privacy.

DiKTECTION has been modified for at-home participation, exclusively for Gaze, Interrupted. Previously, DiKTECTION has exhibited as large-screen installations for crowds in the AD Space in Sydney and the National Convention Centre in Canberra.

Content Warning: This work uses pornographic references and language that may be distressing for some viewers.

ISP are intrigued to know your porn tag...

Tag @irregularscheduledprogramming when sharing your sexual desire on Instargram.

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