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Based in Melbourne, HIBALL is a future leaning film studio specialising in moving image for the digital world - a multidisciplinary production company that spans creative strategy, film production, art direction, styling and branding.

Founded in 2018, and helmed by creative duo Alexandra Kirwood and Stanton Cornish-Ward, the pair made their mark creating experimental fashion films before expanding into music videos, branded content and short films. HIBALL has built a reputation creating intelligent, conceptual, stylized films that have been included in the official selections of film festivals in Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Romania, U.S.A, and the U.K.


DiANGLE work with artists across disciplines to create experimental live performance and film. Their art drips with dark undertones, engaging the fragmentary nature of perception and its complicity in dialogues between disintegrating sonic, visual and kinetic spaces. Their debut work Dark Points (Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2019) was site-specific, a crumbling, cold, desperate choreographic and sonic landscape featuring ten dancers and an interactive set. The Dark Points film, made in collaboration with production company HiBall, will premiere and feature at Tempo dance festival 2020, and archival material will be exhibited in Gaze, Interrupted at George Paton Gallery later this year. DiANGLE’s collective background includes choreography, film composition, architecture and design. Together they navigate lightless spaces, engaging multiple communities with their cross-discipline work. DiANGLE create riveting, disruptive collaborative outcomes. 

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