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Christina May Carey

Working across video, photography and sculpture, Christina May Carey’s practice explores the phenomenological experience of time. Carey focuses on installation to create ‘zones’—spaces where visual and aural elements manufacture an atmosphere of contained calm. Moving images that appear suspended in space are framed by rigid sculptural elements. Images are mirrored throughout Carey’s work, implying the spectral presence of other spaces and times. In her video work, time feels prolonged but is cut by fleeting glitch-like interruptions. These glitches are intermittent reminders of the possibility we are experiencing an altered state of consciousness. Photography is a tool to make visible what she sees as thresholds, portals or facades within recognisable environments. Her work disorients and challenges the familiar. 

Carey lives and works in Melbourne and is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography at the Victorian College of the Arts. In 2015 she completed a Foundation in Art and Design Central Saint Martins, London. Carey has participated in various group shows at the VCA Art Space, and George Paton Gallery. In 2019 she was commissioned by The University of Melbourne to contribute work as part of the 757 Art Project, which is a long term collection exhibited at the university’s Parkville campus. In 2020 she was selected to partake in the Majlis Travelling Scholarship show at Margaret Lawrence Gallery.


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