ISP is made up of three emerging curators - Sorcha Delahunty, Thalia Livingstone, and Phebe Shields.

The mission of ISP is threefold, in that they aim to:

(i) showcase and celebrate ground-breaking experimental works by emerging artists;

(ii) create opportunities for connection and collaboration between artists; and

(iii) Inspire people to engage in critical thought and conversation regarding contemporary           societal and environmental issues.


Phebe is an emerging curator and events producer, currently completing her Masters in Arts & Cultural Management at The University of Melbourne. She is particularly interested in experimental art and projects that act to challenge political/societal assumptions and misconceptions (which can often be harmful or unfair). She has a broad range of practical experience working and volunteering in the arts and events, including in: the curation/production of small-scale arts events; as a Feature Film Programmer for the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival (HRAFF); and in her current role as a Venue Operations Supervisor with Museums Victoria. With a background in moral psychology and a strong interest in human rights, Phebe is interested in taking a multi-disciplinary approach to curatorship, in creating events that explore the links between the arts, psychology, and philosophy.


Sorcha Rae Delahunty is currently completing her Masters of Arts and Cultural Management, writing a minor thesis exploring censorship in Australian art museums, while working in Melbourne. She’s worked as a co-curator and project manager on a number of student centred projects with the University of Melbourne. Sorcha has a cross-disciplinary background with a Bachelor of Arts, in history with a focus on gender and queer theory and film studies, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, focussed in printmaking and painting, from UNSW Art & Design. Informed by her academic background, she is interested in exploring the interaction of repetition with glitch and erasure, and the intersections of phenomenology and politics of desire.

Thalia Livingstone is a graduate of BFA in Dance and was selected to represent the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music through her Valedictory address, as well as being awarded the Choreographic Development Award and Dancehouse and Union House Theatre Dance Award for 2019. 

Thalia followed her passion into dance at VCA after completing a Bachelor of Design (Architecture) at the University of Western Australia. As a dance-artist she cultivates choreographic imagination through reframing perceptions of space, interrogating why we choose to occupy places in certain ways and expanding possibilities within spaces. She expects these curiosities to be carried forward into her work as a curator as well. Thalia is the co-founder of collaborative ensemble DiANGLe, who premiered their debut work ‘Dark Points’ at Melbourne Fringe Festival last year. Thalia is currently based in Venice, where she is performing in the 14th La Biennale Danza.


Graphic Designer.
Chelsea Birrane is a freelance graphic designer working in Melbourne, Australia and currently completing a Bachelors of Communication Design at RMIT University. She has a passion for local design movements, and enjoys working collaboratively with artists of all disciplines to create problem solving and boundary pushing designs.